ISONAS Access Control Integration FAQs into Milestone XProtect

By Raymond Shadman

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Here are my questions to ISONAS regarding replacing a hospital’s S2 control panels with ISONAS IPBridge units so that they can use their existing S2 readers at each of their existing access controlled doors and have integration into Milestone XProtect. The hospital’s intent is to add new ISONAS equipment to the new doors, while to use existing equipment where possible, given their fairly recent investment into S2, which was substantial. S2, unfortunately, does not offer any integration into Milestone XProtect.


Q1) Is it the Pure Access Software that integrates with Milestone XProtect?

A1) The Milestone Pure Access integration is expected to be complete in June. This is related to their newer RC04 Pure Access products, because their RC03 integration was complete at least 1-2 years ago.


Q2) The Milestone XProtect server will be running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Must we have Server2012 R2 or better for Pure Access, or is it better for Pure Access to run on its own server or workstation?

A2) The Manager on-premise version of Pure Access will require a Windows 2012 R2 or newer machine or can be hosted in a virtual environment. I have been told by several manufacturers and various installers that it’s best to have a separate server for the access control, versus installing the software on the Milestone servers. This is because it’s easier to troubleshoot issues, and there could be potential conflicts between the SQL db on Milestone and the access software.

Q3) Does Pure Access Cloud to run in the cloud without a server?

A3) Pure Access Cloud has no physical server requirements.


Q4) You recommend RC-04-PRX and R-1-MCT so that they can get an idea on pricing for future doors, right? These are all weatherproof in case any need to be installed outdoors?

A4) Correct the RC04 has a conformal coated board and is much more weatherproof.


Q5) What’s the difference between the PRX and MCT? PRX is the 125kHz cards with lower bit strings.

A5) The MCT is the 13.56mHz Smart cards like the Mifare or DesFire cards that create an encrypted two-way signal between the reader and the card. The MCT is more secure. The PRX credentials can easily be duplicated using a $30 prox card duplicator that can be purchased online. It’s still a common request to go with 125KHz cards because of their low price point.


Q6) Can we use the PowerNet readers instead of the Pure IP in case we need to reduce cost? Will these still integrate into Milestone?

A6) The RC03 is compatible with Milestone today and in the future. The RC04 will be compatible as soon as the Pure Access Milestone is complete in June.


Q7) Why is it called Pure IP if it’s Wiegand-based?

A7) See: The RC04 & RC03 are edge-based intelligent devices with an IP address on the network.


Q8) Is the Cable-10 required for each new reader? Not required for the existing S2 readers, right?
A8) The pigtail Cable 10 is required for the RC04 to connect to the lock hardware. The R1 is a Wiegand reader that can use existing composite wiring (banana cable).


Q9) Once they surpass 100 doors, can they just pay the difference to upgrade to the next level? Would they need a valid software support plan to receive 100% trade-in-credit?

A9) When the upgrade occurs they will be credited the unused portion of the subscription.


Q10) Are the thin cards printable?

A10) Yes, we will have a full integration with DataCard by the end of 2017. This was suggested during our private webinar regarding printing visitor cards with different colors, and various access levels with their own colors.


Q11) What is the Advanced Security Module?

A11) The ASM encrypts the signal between the RC04 and the lock strike, which makes it impossible to hot-wire the lock if the RC04 is removed.


Q12) 1-year warranty on all hardware? Or is it more than a year?

A12) Yes, 1-year warranty. Extended warranties can be purchased for up to 5 years, so 6 years total.


Q13) For the Milestone access control integration, is it per door or per IP Bridge or what?

A13) ISONAS does not charge any licensing from our side of the Milestone equation. Those fees are directly charged by Milestone.

May 23, 2017

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