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C2P Integrated Charting and Analytics license

C2P Integrated Charting and Analytics license SKU: CNV-ICA-001

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Integrated Charting and Analytics license



Integrated Charting and Analytics License

The Integrated Charting Analytics (ICA) license enables the user to create a visual response to alerts through high resolution 3-D bar charts displayed in real-time. One of the highly innovative and unique features of the ICA is the charts are streamed as a camera view to VMS for immediate viewing by any VMS client. In addition to real time processing, the Integrated Charting Analytics can also be used as a post processing task from within the ConvergenceTP Hypermedia search screen by providing graphing of the data presented in the HSE search table. The ICA offers a sophisticated realtime generic event rules engine that allows the end user to setup trigger events based on user defined rules which are easily entered into the ICA Graphical User Interface window. Broadcasting the ICA charts as a camera view provides security professionals with a clear visual representation of events showing alerts and trends on-screen as they occur in a customized format that significantly improves situational awareness leading to a more efficient and logical response. This item is sold to operate on one work station per VMS (SLC) installation. 

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Additional Information

Model CNV-ICA-001
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