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Analog Cameras

CCTV Cameras (analog, SD for Standard Definition) are traditional analog security cameras with BNC connectors for video output. They connect to any type of DVR with BNC video inputs. CCTV Cameras are available with a variety of features such as high-resolution, wide dynamic range (WDR), adjustable varifocal lens, day/night, and more. There are also various styles, colors, and sizes including Dome, Bullet, Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), and Covert/Spy cameras.

eDigitalDeals recommends purchasing HD/SD cameras to better prepare for HD-DVRs. That way you can use the SD feature on your existing analog SD DVR, and then easily switch over to the camera's HD output/selector once you upgrade your DVR. HD-CVI cameras by Dahua are HD/SD-selectable, and so are our 4-in-1 hybrid cameras