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DVR Cards

DVR Cards, also known as video capture cards, are cards designed for use in computers to capture video from CCTV Cameras or HD-SDI Cameras. All of our DVR cards are compatible with Intel-chipset motherboards.

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  • Brand: different brands use different software, and therefore have different capabilities, features, and requirements.
  • DVR Function: analog only, hybrid (analog and HD-SDI, or analog and IP), or tri-brid (analog, HD-SDI, and IP). Analog consists of resolutions below 1000 TV-Lines such as 4CIF, D1, and 960H.
  • Video Channels: all of our DVR Cards can be stacked. Just keep in mind of the maximum number of channels in the software. For example, GeoVision supports up to 32 channels per server, the NDVR line supports up to 64 channels per server, and LuxRiot supports unlimited channels but requires licenses to be purchased for each channel.
  • Interface: this is for the physical ports on your motherboard in which your DVR cards get installed. Ports are typically available in PCI (older motherboards) and PCI-Express x1.