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These DVR cards are hardware-compressed H.264 DVR, and are made by are made by Hikvision (HC1) and Dahua (HC2/HC3/SDI). Each of the cards utilizes the NDVR software. Although this software is tribrid-capable for recording Hikvision and Dahua IP cameras up to 5-megapixels, as well as SDI cameras up to 1080p (2.1-megapixels), we strongly recommend this software to be used for nothing more than home or small business applications, where the majority of cameras are analog (CVBS/BNC) or SDI, but not IP. There are several videos on YouTube which show how to add IP cameras to the NDVR software. When using analog only up to 64 channels, the NDVR software is stable and works quite well. This, plus the fact that the NDVR software is feature-rich, are the main reasons why the NDVR software and DVR cards have been a top choice for security and IT technicians from 2006-2013.

As of late 2014, we have been advising customers who are looking for a stable hybrid IP solution to look at our Milestone XProtect Systems.We no longer recommend using the NDVR for hybrid purposes.