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Mobile DVRs/NVRs

Use a mobile DVR/NVR in any type of transportation vehicle including a car, bus, truck, train, subway, airplane, jet, etc. to manage and record cameras. Also ideal for police, ambulance, and other emergency vehicles. Factors to consider when researching the correct mobile DVR/NVR for your organization's fleet management include:

- Do you require recording of video and audio?
- Do you want to monitor the vehicle's location and speed in real-time?
- Is a real-time video feed into the vehicle required?
- How will the recorder and cameras be powered?
- Is two-way audio with the vehicle's driver required?
- Do you want to offload the system's recordings to a main storage center, and if so how often and via which medium? Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, etc?
- How many vehicles are in your fleet?

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