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Prior to 2010, the only formats for surveillance cameras were analog and IP. In order to record beyond D1 or 4CIF resolution, one had to choose an IP camera system instead of a CCTV system. Our best seller and flagship product around this time was the PC-based Hybrid NDVR using our HC1, HC2, and HC3 DVR cards.

Shortly afterward, HD-SDI was introduced. HD-SDI allows cameras to be recorded at 720p HD or 1080p full HD resolution over high quality coaxial cables. This breakthrough allowed CCTV users to upgrade their existing systems by swapping their cameras and DVRs to HD-SDI, providing that they utilized high-quality coax or siamese cables. Very few pre-made coax or siamese cables can transmit HD-SDI signals. They must be spec'd for HD.

In 2013 we introduced hybrid HD-SDI systems, which can accommodate a combination of lower-cost analog and HD-SDI cameras. Our LTP and EA-Series DVRs are lower-cost, while our MAG-Series are made in Korea with a better warranty, premium software, and a premium mobile app.

In 2014, new surveillance formats have been introduced: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and AHD. As of December 2014, eDigitalDeals offered a wide selection of tribrid DVRs with the ability to record in analog, HD, and IP. We currently recommend EX-SDI and IP Cameras for best image quality and camera features, and HD-TVI for longer cable runs and lower price.

As of 2017, the main benefit of IP is that one can surpass the analog HD limit, which is currently 5MP HD-TVI or 4MP with HD-CVI. This allows for a wider coverage area, and/or for more details to be seen using better digital zoom capability, all without the added complexity of designing an IP camera system. 

Our LTS Platinum Multi-format DVRs offer BNC inputs for the number of analog channels advertised, plus IP inputs for IP cameras up to 6MP. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure newer HD-TVI formats are used with newer format DVRs. For example, a 5MP HD-TVI 4.0 camera must be used with an HD-TVI 4.0 DVR, but an HD-TVI 4.0 DVR can accept any HD-TVI camera 5MP or less.