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- An NVR (network video recorder) records IP cameras. Cameras are network-based, meaning instead of using traditional plug-and-play cameras, the IP cameras must be pre-configured to match the IP and subnet of the Network Video Recorder (NVR). In addition, IP cameras and NVRs should be of the same brand for ensured compatibility, unless the NVR has specfically listed other makes and models of IP cameras as compatible. Lastly, the bit rate of all cameras in the system should be estimated based on factors such as resolution, frame rate, and quantization (compression) prior to selecting the NVR because most NVRs are limited by incoming and outgoing bit rate, and if the sum of the cameras' bit rate exceeds the NVR's capacity, then this will result in an unstable IP Video Security System. We generally list the NVR's maximum bit rate in the title of the NVR. For a stable NVR system, please do not exceed more than 75% of the NVR's bit rate.

eDigitalDeals offers pre-configuration of IP cameras and network video recorders so that equipment is literally plug-and-play once it arrives at your door.

     - Standalone NVRs (non-PC based) are best suited for homes and some small businesses, and typically have a maximum recording resolution of 1080P (2.1 megapixels) or up to 5MP. We can customize your camera selection, but it is recommended that the cameras are the same brand as the NVR to ensure compatibility. 

     - PC-based NVRs are usually ideal for high-end homes, small/medium/enterprise businesses, government applications, mission-critical applications, and other large-scale deployments. We have several storage solutions available, which offer unlimited amounts of redundant storage to record cameras for several years if necessary. Please contact us directly to discuss PC-based NVR options.