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PC-Based NVRs

PC-based NVRs are usually ideal for high-end homes, small/medium/enterprise businesses, government applications, mission-critical applications, and other large-scale deployments. They typically have more features than Standalone NVRs, and are better suited for scalability, flexibility, and future upgrades in software and cameras.

Our technicians assemble and test these systems in our office in Los Angeles, CA, so we know what parts get installed in the NVRs, which is why we are able to offer a better warranty over Standalone NVRs. Most PC-based systems feature an energy-efficient power suppply, Windows 7 64-bit, and a 3-year warranty. We have built over 1000 PC-based systems since 2006, and thanks to advances in technology, we offer free remote NVR assistance to our customers with our PC-based systems.

Various customizations incude dual-Gigabit Ethernet cards, redundant power supply, RAID storage, multi-output video card(s) for TV wall, case (Rackmount 4U, 3U, 2U, ATX/Desktop, Mini ITX Cube), keyboard/mouse (wired, wireless, bluetooth, rack shelf), and more. We have several storage solutions available, which offer unlimited amounts of redundant storage to record cameras for several years if necessary.

Some of our higher-end enterprise solutions offer failover protection for mission-critical deployments such as city-wide surveillance, police stations, military bases, hospitals, universities, casinos, and government buildings.

Please contact us directly to discuss PC-based NVR options.