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NVR Systems

IP Video Security Systems 

The main benefit of IP Video Security Systems over traditional analog CCTV systems include the ability to view and record in resolutions higher than 1080p, which allows more detailed coverage, or coverage of more real estate with fewer cameras. In addition, network cameras can be connected to wireless access points, which allow reliable wireless camera solution, which is especially useful for video security of multiple buildings with line of sight. 

IP video surveillance systems are typically offered in two options:

- Standalone/Embedded NVR systems (non-PC based) are for budget-friendly applications, and are best suited for homes and some small businesses, and typically have a maximum recording resolution of 1080P (2.1 megapixel), or up to 5MP. We can customize your camera selection, but we recommend the cameras be the same brand as the NVR in order to ensure compatibility

PC-based NVR systems are more expensive, and usually ideal for high-end homes, small/medium/enterprise businesses, government applications, mission-critical applications, and other large-scale deployments. With a Video Management Software (VMS) such as Milestone XProtect, camera brands can safely be mixed. Advanced features such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), door/gate Access Control, video analytics, and POS Text Overlay are easily integrated using certified third-party technology partners. 

Please contact us directly to discuss IP Network Video Security System options, and be sure to ask a knowledgable salesperson to provide a FREE Site Survey Map for your facility. We will answer common design questions such as, "Which camera and lens will I need to see a license plate at 100 feet away," and "Can I see facial features with wide angle cameras, and at what distance?" We can provide indoor maps with PDFs or images of scaled floor plans, as well as outdoor aerial screen shots if your facility is displayed on Google Maps. We can also calculate esimtated storage and necessary hardware specifications for each product on a case-by-case basis. 

eDigitalDeals offers pre-configuration of IP cameras and network video recorders so that equipment is literally plug-and-play once it arrives at your door.